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Credentialing Requirements


Temporary Credential Requirements (pdf)

Reciprocity Credentialing Requirements (pdf)

Trainee Credential Requirements (pdf)

Licensed Residential Credential Requirements (pdf)

Certified Residential Credential Requirements (pdf)

Certified General Credential Requirements (pdf)




Reciprocity Application (pdf)

Temporary Credential Application (pdf)

Temporary Credential Renewal Application (pdf)

Nebraska Resident Certified General Credential Application (pdf)

Nebraska Resident Certified Residential Credential Application (pdf)

Nebraska Resident Licensed Residential Credential Application (pdf)

Inactive Status Application (pdf)


Trainee Credential & Supervisory Appraiser Forms

Trainee Credential Application Form (pdf)

Supervisory Appraiser Registration Form (pdf)


NRPAB Experience Log Form

Experience Log Cover Sheet Fillable Version (pdf)

Experience Log Cover Sheet Hand Write Version (pdf)

Supplemental Experience Log Fillable Version (pdf)

Supplemental Experience Log Hand Write Version (pdf)

Supplemental Experience Log Excel Version (.xlsx)


Additional Information


Credential Renewal Questions and Answers (pdf)

Nebraska State Patrol fingerprinting service information

The Nebraska Real Property Appraiser Board understands the amount of work and dedication that goes into becoming credentialed as a real property appraiser, and wants each individual’s journey to be both enlightening and successful. If you are just beginning your endeavor or are near completion, the Board’s staff is available to answer questions and review qualifications, including college transcripts, qualifying education courses, and experience logs. Please feel free to contact the Board’s office at 402-471-9015, or email with questions, or to have information reviewed. Information that you wish to have reviewed may be emailed, mailed, faxed, or you may call or email to schedule a time to meet in person.

Any review of college transcripts, qualifying education courses, or experience logs by the Board’s staff is preliminary in nature and does not supersede Board approval. All required education and experience is subject to the Board’s examination and approval at the time application is made for credentialing.